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Cocktail Bar | Parkes International Cocktail List - Currently Closed

The International Cocktail Bar is famous for serving sensational mixes which are sure to temp you. Our Cocktail List has some old favourites and all the latest flavours.
Whether you after a Creamy PinaColada or an Icey Cold Tap Beer we have you covered.
Sit back in comfort and enjoy the elegant atmosphere or watch the huge screen showing the latest News and Entertainment.

Parkes International Cocktail List

black russian $13.00

30mL vodka, 30mL kahlua over ice with coke, old fashioned glass, no garnish

golden dream $13.00

30mL galliano, 30mL cointreau, orange juice, 30mL fresh cream, shaken over ice, champagne saucer, orange & cherry garnish

midori splice $13.00

30mL midori, 30mL malibu, pineapple juice, 30mL cream, shaken over ice, hurricane glass, pineapple garnish

harvey wallbanger $13.00

30mL vodka, 15mL galliano, 120mL orange juice, served over ice, tall glass, orange & cherry garnish

brandy alexander $13.00

30mL brandy, 30mL dark crème de cacao, 30mL fresh cream, shaken over ice, martini glass, sprinkle of nutmeg to garnish

martini $13.00

45mL gin, 15mL dry vermouth, shaken over ice or stirred martini glass, olive garnish

vanilla sky $13.00

30mL vanilla liqueur, 30mL vodka, 120mL apple juice, cinnamon sugar, shaken over ice, martini glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar

margarita $13.00

30mL tequila, 90mL margarita mix, scoop of ice, blended, served in salted rimmed margarita saucer, lemon garnish

cosmopolitan $13.00

30mL vodka, 30mL triple sec, cranberry juice, 15mL lemon juice, shaken over ice, martini glass, cherry garnish

caramello $13.00

30mL baileys, 30mL advocaat, 30mL butterscotch liqueur, 30mL cream, shaken over ice, martini glass, chocolate garnish

strawberry daiquiri $13.00

2 strawberries, 30mL bacardi, 30mL cointreau, 30ml lemon juice, scoop ice, blended, hurricane glass, strawberry garnish

long island iced tea $16.00

15mL vodka, 15mL tequila, 15mL bacardi, 15mL cointreau, 30mL coke, 15mL lemon juice, 15mL sugar syrup, over ice, stir with swizzle stick, tall glass, lemon and mint garnish

fruit tingle $13.00

30mL vodka, 30mL blue curacao, 15mL grenadine, lemonade, over ice, tall glass, pineapple & cherry garnish

pina colada $13.00

30mL bacardi, 30mL malibu, 120mL pineapple juice, 30mL cream, 15mL sugar syrup, ice, blended, hurricane glass, pineapple & cherry garnish