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Restaurant's Menu

Cheese Garlic Bread ~ (4 pieces)$7.50
Herb or Garlic Bread ~ A Traditional Favourite (4 pieces)$6.50
Bruschetta ~ (4slices)$7.50
Dinner Roll ~ Served with Plain Butter Curl$2.50

Natural Pacific Oysters ~ Served with a Slice of Lemon½ Doz $14.00, Doz $28.00
Kilpatrick Pacific Oysters ~ Topped with Sliced Bacon & Worcestershire Sauce, Oven-Baked till Piping Hot ½ Doz $17.00, Doz $32.00
Mornay Pacific Oysters~ Topped with Sliced Bacon & Worcestershire Sauce,
Oven-Baked till Piping Hot ½ Doz $17.00, Doz $32.00
Kilpatrick Mushroom Caps~ Fresh Mushrooms filled with Bacon and Worcestershire Sauce the Oven Baked $15
Creamy Garlic or Chilli Prawns ~ Fluffy Jasmine Rice topped with Sauteed King Prawns in a Cream Sauce Entrée $16.50 Main $26
Salt and Pepper Squid ~ Sauteed Squid with ground Pepper and Salt served with a garnish Salad $16.50
Thai Salad ~ Spicy Salad with your choice of CHicken, Beef or Prawn $16.50
Pesto Chicken Pasta ~ Tender Pasta with Fresh Herbs topped with Parmesan Cheese Entree $16.00 Main $26.00

Cheese Platter
A Selection of Cheeses Accompanied by Crisp Cracker Biscuits and Fresh Fruit 4 Cheeses $22.00 2 Cheeses $15.00

Children's Meal Deal - for 12 Years and Under $17.00
Receive a Can of Soft Drink or Juice and choose a meal number below
1.Ham&PineapplePizza ~ A Traditional Favourite
2.ChickenNuggetsandChips ~ with Sauce or Gravy
3.Sausages and Vegetables ~ with Sauce or Gravy
4.ChickenSchnitzelandChips ~ with Sauce or Gravy
And Finish with an Ice Cream Cup
Milk Shakes & Spiders
Fresh Milk and Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream blended with your Favourite Flavour $5.00
Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Caramel, Lime and Vanilla
A Soft Drink Flavour of Your Choice with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream $5.50
Coke, Lemonade, Orange and Lemon

Vegetarian Selection
Tomato and Basil Risotto $24.00
Oven Roasted Tomato and Fresh Basil in a Smooth Arborio Rice Base
Mixed Vegetable Pizza $24.00
Combination of Capsicum, Spanish Onion, Tomato, Mushroom, Olives and Feta served on a Basil Pesto & Herb Base
Mediterranean Fettuccine $24.00
Sauteed Capsiucum, Olives, Spanish Onion and Tomato in Light Olive Oil with a Dash of Cream.

Fish of the Day
Market Price
Please enquire with our Staff for the Selection Available and Preparation.Served with Salad or Vegetables and Potato Pancakes

Seasonal Price Half or Full Lobster served with, Salad or Vegetables & Potato Cakes. Select from Mornay, Thermidor, Garlic Butter or Natural

Mix Vegetable Pizza
Combination of Capsocum,Spanish Onion,Tomato,Mushroom,Olives on a Basil Pesto base and Topped with Cheese

Mediterranean Pasta
Sauteed Capsicum,Olives,Spanish Onion and Tomato in Light Olive Oil and Cream

Chicken and Prosciutto Mignon
Served with Fresh Vegetables and Buttered Chats Finished with Honey Dujon Cream Sauce

Crumbed Lamb Cutlets
2 Tasty Dwyers Crumbed Cutlets topped with Bacon served with Mash Potato Fresh Vegetables and Gravy

Outback Lamb Burger
Seasoned Lamb Patty Topped with Onion,Bacon,Cheese,Beetroot,Tomato and Lettuce on Turkish Bread With Side Beer Battered Fries and Aioli

Rib Eye on the Bone - Cattleman's Cutlet
Huge Mouth Watering Cut Complimented with Caramelised Onions, Steak House Fries and Fresh Vegetables

Honey BBQ Marinated Scotch Fillet
Marinated Fillet with Honey and BBQ served with Sweet Potato Chips and Fresh Vegetables

Reef and Beef
Scotch Fillet Steak, prepared to your liking and Topped with a Selection of Seafood with Potato in a Creamy Garlic Sauce, and Fresh Vegetables

Mixed Grill
A Hearty Serve of Steak, Sausages, Beef Rissole, Bacon, Fried Egg, Tomato all served on a Bed of Beer Battered Fries, a Great Choice for Meat Lovers

Side Orders
Choose from Our Selection of Side Dishes to Compliment Your Meal
Fresh Seasonal Vegetables $7.50
Garden Salad with a Light Dressing $7.50
Crispy Beer Battered Fries $7.00

Our Selection of Freshly Prepared Sauces Include - Mushroom, Honey Mustard, Creamy Dianne, Peppercorn, Gravy,

Seafood Platter – Friday & Saturday Only, Subject to Availability ~ Single or Double Platters, with King Prawns, Oysters, Blue Swimmer Crab, Balmain Bugs, Mussels, Scallops, Smoked Salmon, Calamari, Fish of the Day, Baby Octopus and a Selection of Fresh Fruit. Lobster is additionalPlease ask Our Wait Staff


White Chocolate Spring Rolls
Sweet Chocolate Spring Rolls with Berry Coulis and Ice Cream

Sticky Date Puddinig
A Traditional Favourite. A Warm Rich Cake, Topped with a Warm Butterscotch Sauce

Apple and Pear Tart
Fresh made Tarts, served with Ice Cream and a traditional Custard. YOur choice Hot or Cold

Blueberry and Apple Turnover
House made Pastries served with Berry Coulis, Ice Cream and Custard.

Flake and Smartie Suprise
Loved by Kids "Big & Small" An Ice Cream Sundae, with hidden suprises and a Flake on Top and Topping if you like.

Ice Cream Sundae
Vanilla Ice Cream, Served with Fresh Whipped Cream, Crushed Nuts and Topping of your

Chocolate, Strwberry, Caramel, Banana, Vanilla, Lime.

Summer Citrus Tart


Espresso ~ or Short Black "For the Serious Coffee Lovers" 30 - 35 ml of Freshly $4.00Ground Coffee, Extracted to Create Flavour, Body & Aroma, and Characterised by a Golden Crema

Long Black ~ A Strong Extraction of Freshly Ground Coffee over 3/4 cup of Hot Water$4.40
Cappuccino ~ A Single Shot of Freshly Ground Coffee, topped with Velvety Steamed Milk to Create a Dense Foam Cap, Lightly Sprinkled with Chocolate $4.60 Mug $5.50
Flat White ~ A Shot of Espresso Coffee with Creamy, Freshly Steamed Milk $4.50
Cafe' Latte' ~ A Single Shot of Espresso Coffee, topped with Creamy, Freshly Steamed Milk & a Thin Layer of Foam, Served in a Glass Mug $4.70
Macchiato ~ A Single Dose of Freshly Ground Coffee, Served in a Small Glass, Stained with a Small Amount of Foamed Milk $4.00
Affogato ~ A Strong Single Shot of Espresso, Served over a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream $5.50
Mocha ~ A Single Dose of Fresh Coffee, Combined with Chocolate & Freshly Steamed Milk, Finished with a Thin Layer of Foam $5.00
Niente ~ A Single Dose of De Caffeinated Coffee, Served in a Cup with Steamed Skim or Soy Milk $4.50
Hot Chocolate ~ A Rich Chocolate Flavour served with Freshly Steamed Milk, Whipped Cream, Sprinkle of Chocolate, and 2 Marshmallows $5.50
Liqueur Coffee ~ A Single Shot of Freshly Ground Coffee, topped with Steamed Milk,and Flavoured with Your Favourite Liqueur $9.90 Irish ~ A Smooth Whisky, Mexican ~ Captivating Kahlua, Romano ~ Gorgeous Galliano, Sicilian ~ Subtle Sambuca, LeGrande ~ Grand Marnier, SpanishSpecial ~ Terrific Tia Maria, Ace'sSpecial ~ A Secret Blend (Scotch, Galliano, Tia & Butterscotch Schnapps)
Tea's ~ Our Selection Includes $4.30
Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Dilmah, Peppermint, Chamomile, Decaffeinated Blend, Green Tea